Meld 3.17.4 — 16 Aug 2017


  • Rebuild source tarball without spurious files

Meld 3.17.3 — 13 Aug 2017


  • Fix folder compare when using text filters (Alsan Wong)
  • Make activity spinner show when inline comparisons are running (Kai Willadsen)
  • Migrate back from threads to multiprocessing for inline diffs; unusual CPU contention caused this to harm interactivity (Kai Willadsen)
  • Manually refreshing a file comparison sometimes caused diff navigation to break (Kai Willadsen)
  • Folder comparisons that update their state no longer break navigation (Kai Willadsen)
  • Version-control comparison on missing files now work again (Kai Willadsen)
  • Fix regression in initial focus for folder comparisons (Kai Willadsen)
  • Fix handling for added, partially staged files in git (Kai Willadsen)
  • Bugs fixed: 784436, 785603, 785859, 786043


  • Daniel Mustieles (es)
  • Matej Urbančič (sl)

Meld 3.17.2 — 11 Jun 2017


  • Show correct column offset in status bar for tab indents (Simon Marchi)
  • Fix installation with a prefix for Python 3 changes (Ting-Wei Lan)
  • Fix initial scroll-to-first-difference behaviour to avoid a race condition if the first change was on the first line (Kai Willadsen)
  • Improve text wrapping behaviour in information bars, and avoid too-large allocations with long labels (Kai Willadsen)
  • Work around infinite re-allocation problems and silence GTK+ allocation warnings (Kai Willadsen)
  • Fix bad UI state when closing a single-instance activated window (Kai Willadsen)
  • Fix bad function call when using internal git conflict resolution (Kai Willadsen)


  • Anders Jonsson (sv)
  • Andika Triwidada (id)
  • Balázs Úr (hu)
  • Daniel Korostil (uk)
  • Emin Tufan Çetin (tr)
  • Marek Černocký (cs)
  • Milo Casagrande (it)

Meld 3.17.1 — 11 Mar 2017


  • Improve version checking, and try to show users a nice error dialog when Meld’s requirements aren’t installed (Vasily Galkin)


  • Help and documentation fixes (Anders Jonsson, Kai Willadsen)
  • Re-silence GTK+ logging with glib 2.46 structured logging changes (Kai Willadsen)
  • Fix chunk deletion at EOF with CRLF endings (Kai Willadsen)
  • Note filter performance effects in folder preferences (Kai Willadsen)
  • Fix button alignment for new chunk action buttons (Kai Willadsen)
  • Improve use of the newer emblem in folder comparison by showing it only when meaningful (Kai Willadsen)
  • Fix crash caused by bad colour theme lookup (Kai Willadsen)


  • Alan Mortensen (da)
  • Anders Jonsson (sv)
  • Daniel Mustieles (es)
  • Josef Andersson (sv)
  • Marek Černocký (cs)
  • Paul Seyfert (de)
  • Piotr Drąg (pl)
  • Rafael Fontenelle (pt_BR)
  • Мирослав Николић (sr, sr@latin)

Meld 3.17.0 — 18 Dec 2016

Python 3 porting

  • Python 3 support; we now require Python 3.3 as a minimum
  • Python 3 compatibility fixes; too many cases of bytes/string confusion, syntax changes and other miscellany to mention individually (Vasily Galkin, Kai Willadsen)
  • Handle new unicode-escape behaviour and unicode/bytes confusion for process interaction and version control plugins (Vasily Galkin, Kai Willadsen)
  • Add support for byte-based filters, to support directory vs. file comparison filters (Kai Willadsen)

UI changes

  • The “Tabs” menu item has been removed, to better match up with more modern GTK+ design. All of the actions are still available in the expected key bindings, and there is a new per-tab context menu.
  • The change action buttons in the central pane divider now correctly render as flat buttons (Kai Willadsen)
  • The curves in the central pane divider are now… smoother!

Internal changes

  • Handle reload notifications better in asynchronous saving (Vasily Galkin)
  • Remove multi-process diff in favour of asynchronous (threaded, but GIL-throttled) matching (Kai Willadsen)
  • Performance improvements in rendering of multiple widgets, as well as for initial text comparison (Kai Willadsen)
  • Many updates for GTK+ 3.20 and 3.22 ABI changes (Kai Willadsen)
  • NOTE: Windows support is currently untested


  • Update supported version control list (Kai Willadsen)
  • Update requirements and build requirements lists (Kai Willadsen)
  • Don’t create empty help/figures directories (Kai Willadsen)
  • Translation maintenance (Piotr Drąg)

Fixes included in 3.16 releases

  • Handle themes with scrollbar steppers better (Kai Willadsen)
  • Fix a traceback when pane has no file (Claude Paroz)
  • Fix triggering “Delete Change” actions from menu (Kai Willadsen)
  • Handle style theme not existing (Patrick Griffis)
  • Fix bad scroll syncing and inability to move between comparison chunks in file comparisons (Vasily Galkin)
  • Improve version control view behaviour when opening missing paths (Vasily Galkin)
  • Fix saving of text created in blank comparison (Vasily Galkin)
  • GTK+ 3.22 compatibility fixes for saving window size (Kai Willadsen)
  • Fix formatted patches missing newlines in certain cases (Kai Willadsen)
  • Silence GTK+ warning logging if not running in uninstalled (i.e., development) mode (Kai Willadsen)
  • Update AppData (Kai Willadsen)
  • Fix performance regression in text filtering (Kai Willadsen)
  • Fix regression in respecting custom text encoding (Kai Willadsen)
  • Fix regression in support for file comparisons from pipes (Kai Willadsen)
  • Add open build service directories to the version control filter (Dominique Leuenberger)
  • Add darcs to list of loaded plugins (pbgc)
  • Fix the dark style (Kai Willadsen)
  • Windows build fixes (Kai Willadsen)


  • Anders Jonsson (sv)
  • Andika Triwidada (id)
  • Balázs Meskó (hu)
  • Claude Paroz (fr)
  • Daniel Mustieles (es)
  • Jiri Grönroos (fi)
  • Marek Černocký (cs)
  • Mario Blättermann (de)
  • Matej Urbančič (sl)
  • Rafael Fontenelle (pt_BR)
  • Tiago Santos (pt)
  • Мирослав Николић (sr, sr@latin)