Trying out the current version

One of Meld's lesser-known features is that it's easy to run without installing it. This is great for just trying out the current version, or for checking to see whether your pet bug has been fixed yet. Just get a copy of the source code from Git by opening a terminal and typing:

git clone

From the directory you cloned into, run:


Reporting bugs

If you find a problem, please report a bug at GNOME's GitLab.

Please, first check to see whether your bug still exists in the current version and see whether someone else has reported the bug already.

Getting Meld's source code

The Meld source code is kept at the GNOME Git repository. You can easily browse the current version of the source code at:

If you'd like to contribute, then grab a copy of the code, make some changes, and submit a patch to the mailing list or GitLab.

Getting involved

If you're interested in participating in Meld's development, or if you're just a generally curious person, you can join Meld's discussion forum.


Meld doesn't have an official roadmap as such. At least not one that's actually followed. Here are a list of things that are on the radar for the near future:

  • Move to using gtkrc-defined colours everywhere
  • Improve our comparison performance by adding a Cython version of MyersMatcher
  • Add a limited D-Bus interface to support opening new comparisons in tabs